Innisfree Second Skin Mask 20g

Innisfree Second Skin Mask


  • 5 in 1 masks that tends the skin that improves the skin texture with elasticity and clear moisture.
  • The adhering sheet made with natural fermenting process cares the skin with smooth vitality.
  • #Moisturizing contains hyaluronic acid that tends the dry and rough skin with ample moisture.
  • #Nourishing contains ceramide that strengthens the dry skin barrier with an elastic glow.
  • #Brightening contains vitamin C derivative that vitalizes the dull and dark skin clearly.
  • #Firming contains collagen that cares the sagging skin with firm and sturdy elasticity.
  • #Soothing contains panthenol that calms the tired and dry skin smoothly and cleanly.


How To Use

  • Remove a net, adhere the mask, remove the other net, remove the mask after 10 ~ 20 minute, and pat gently to abosrb the essence.

Product Info

  • Brand : innisfree
  • All Skin Type
  • Volume : 20g
  • Made in Korea


  • None