KEEP COOL Double Sensational Lip 4g

KEEP COOL Double Sensational Lip


  • Dual texture formulated with 40% of tint and 60% of balm for a natural gradation effect.
  • #Juicy Coral: A lovely peach color
  • #Ash Rose: A rose color for a romantic and classy look
  • #Moonlight Lip: A cherry-colored red to create a pure and cheerful look


How To Use

  • Apply the product on the inner side of lower lip 2-3 times.
  • Turn down and rub the product to apply on the inner part of the upper lip.
  • Press your lips together to create a natural graduation effect.

Product Info

  • Brand : KEEP COOL
  • All Skin Type
  • Volume : 4g
  • Made in Korea


  • none